10 WordPress Plugins That Will Increase Your Rankings

10 WordPress Plugins That Will Increase Your Rankings

Doing SEO is a complex process. However, if we understand this technique well, we can achieve the goal. To get better search engine rankings, we can use some useful plugins for our sites. Top 10 WordPress components are the essential things that we can use to increase our SERP rates in Google. We can quickly narrow the gap between success and failure in SEO by installing these plugins on our sites.


The following plugins are tested and widely used by SEO:


  1. All in one SEO package

This is the first necessary plugin that can help you customize your post title, post description, and publication tags for an individual page. Also, this can help you customize the canonical URLs for the entire WordPress site. With this plugin, you can have a good chance of being included in high-leak lists.


  1. Broken Link Checker

This plugin is essential and necessary for your website because it can control and monitor all links on your site. Once your site disconnects from the links, it will list you and provide you with reports on the missing links. This plugin helps you to control all links on your website easily. With this plugin, you can update information regularly, and keep your site free from dead links.


  1. Google XML Sitemaps Generator

The sitemap is essential for the website. This plugin plays a vital role on your site because it can create a sitemap in XML format for WordPress. Since then, the content on your site will be easily crawled by SES. This plugin can support other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and others.


  1. SEO-friendly images

This plugin helps you get one point for SERPs because you have SEO-friendly pictures on your website. A website with appropriate title and headline attributes in images helps you increase traffic from Google Image Search.


  1. No Self Pings

The internal links on your website are significant to help visitors quickly navigate the information. However, your page rank will be low due to the effect of sefl sounds. With this plugin, you can remove all pingbacks from your site. This plugin will eliminate bad influence and boost your transitions.


  1. Enforce www. Preference

The main issue is significant for identifying and arranging backlinks. You have two options for thinking. While Ww.com (domain) and domain (dot) com are two different sites. You are making backlinks to your site. So to avoid losing backlinks, you should use this plugin, which can overcome this problem. You will be redirected from www (dot) domain (dot) com to a domain (dot) com and vice versa. So you again hassle-free.


  1. Platinum SEO Package

SEO Pack is just as good as SEO All-in-One, but it contains more futures when compared to SEO (in an index, no index, no archive, no snippets … etc.). However, the use of these two packages is the same. So it depends on the users’ decision.


  1. SEO smart links

This plugin is also essential for Search Engine Optimization because it can help users and spiders navigate your site easily. This plugin can properly collect keywords, tags, phrases, and links with related posts on your website. This process will happen automatically, but you need to configure it properly in the control panel.


  1. SEO Slugs

This is very useful for rating your website well once this plugin is installed. You will have a better opportunity to rank you well with many keywords in your long URL. However, some common words like “a,” “the,” “and” …. are unnecessary in SERPs. This is why this plugin can help you get rid of these common unused keywords. This process will be performed automatically once this plugin is installed.


10 Robots Meta


Last but not least. Robots Meta is one of the essential plugins that can help index your website or not. It can help you decide to prevent search engines from indexing your website or not. This will help you get rid of some pages with duplicate content. Since then, search engines will not downgrade your page.


If you are using WordPress and haven’t received enough traffic to your website, it may be because you don’t use many of the plugins available. Many of these plugins are related to web SEO.


WordPress contains many plugins that can help you earn money with advertising products on your blog or put Google ads on your blog. In addition to Google ads, there are plugins that you can use to sell Amazon products on your blog.


Sometimes it can be challenging to read and implement instructions as you read. It is much easier if you have an educational video that you can watch and follow according to your speed. People learn much more comfortable by reading than reading. Every time I install a new WordPress component, I create a video that records the entire process. When someone watches my video, it is effortless for him to follow and install the plugin, then the video shows him how to configure the plugin.

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