How to Appraise Domain Names Using Estibot

How to Appraise Domain Names Using Estibot

In this Post we will show you how to appraise a Domain Name using For those of you who do not know what Estibot is, it is a Domain Name Appraisal tool, which will give you a good idea on how much the domain is worth. Those who are making a living by Flipping Domains, estimating the value of a Domain Name is one of the fundamental factors to determine so that it sells for the right price. It is not easy to determine the value of a Domain Name but this tool will help you in better understanding what a Domain is worth before buying or selling it.

Estibot will consider various factors on the Domain Name and will give you an estimate appraisal on its value. Let’s say for example, we want to appraise our Domain Name: (Click on link to view the statistics). As you can see from the screenshots below Estibot is appraising the domain name based on several factors which includes:

  • The Extension (.com being the best)
  • The Monthly Searches
  • The Cost per Click of the Domain Keywords (In our case “Online Marketing”
  • Similar Sales
  • Extensions taken for the Domain Keywords
In the first screenshot Estibot appraised our Domain name at $790. It highlights the valuable factors of this Domain which are the extension, the Monthly Searches for the Domain Keywords, (in our case these are “Earn Money Website”) and the Cost per Click advertisers pay to advertise the term “Earn Money Website”

In the second screenshot Estibot also determines whether the keywords “Earn Money Website” are taken in other extensions. It also lists Comparable Domain Sales to give you a better idea on similar domain names sales which happened in the past.

The two factors in the last screenshot below are some of the most important factors you need to determine before valuing your Domain Name. Having the exact keywords in a Domain Name are important to rank higher in serach engines for these keywords. In our case if we want to create a Website about “Earn Money Website” we would have an advantage in rankings in view that these keywords are found within our Domain Name. Estibot will give you the number of Monthly Broad and Exact Searches and the Cost Per Click for our Keywords. The higher they are the better.

Although some may argue that Estibot is only a tool and is not 100% accurate when appraising a Domain Name, however if one understand the factors Estibot use to determine the price, it will give you a good idea on the value of your domain. All we can say is that we have been using Estibot for several years and was the main tool that helped us understand better the value of our domains, which resulted in successfully selling them close to the value given by Estibot.

Although Estibot is not free, we highly recommend buying one of the monthly plans since it has has other great features which will help you a lot if you decide to involve yourself in the Domain Industry. But these will be featured in our upcoming Posts.

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