How to Effectively use Fiverr to Make Money Online.

How to Effectively use Fiverr to Make Money Online.

How to use Fiverr to Make Money.

Whether you want to start making money through Websites, Blogs, Seo, Affiliates etc but do not have the required expertise, Fiverr is the right place for you. We have used Fiverr for our needs and always achieved great success.

In view that we are always busy building content for our Websites and Blogs we decided to use Professional Freelancers to carry out various tasks which were the key to maximize our profits online. Although this seems that it entails a large amount of money – It does not. We use the popular Website Fiverr to find workers who will get this work done professionally and for cheap money.

  • When you search on Fiverr you will find great Freelancers who will do a professional job almost all Niches. Let us assume that you want to find someone to carry out SEO on your Website. In the Search Box just search for words related to SEO like Website SEO, Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO etc.

  • You will get Sellers/Freelancers results based on your searches. All Freelancers will have ratings and feedback which one can assess before hiring a freelancer. The Highest rating is 5. In the screenshots below the ratings for the 2 freelancers are 4.9 and 5 which are quite high. The Number in brackets near the Rating indicate the number of feedback received.

  • If you click on the the Description you will get information on the Gig. You need to pay attention to this information before choosing the Gig and we also advice to contact the seller to ensure that the Seller can deliver what you are requesting.

  • Another thing you need to follow is the feedback submitted for a particular Gig. This will give you a clear picture on the delivery based on feedback submitted by those who bought the Gig.

  • Several Gigs will offer 3 type of packages. The Basic, Standard and Premium Packages. Obviously the Premium will cost more but will offer extra features. Another important factor to consider is the Delivery time of the Gig.

  • Last but not least you must also look at the FAQ section which will give you a clear picture on what to expect from your chosen Gig

In some cases when you buy a Gig in which the Seller will be providing a internal service to your Website of Social Media Account, you will have to give the Account/Website Login details. Although we never had any issues, we recommend that you change the password once the Gig is finished.

You can easily pay with Paypal or Visa for the chosen Gig. Once you purchase a particular Gig you will need to send the requirements to the the seller so that he would be in a position to deliver the work. Just to give you an idea, when we ordered some articles for our Blog we were requested to send the Title of the Article together with the Focus Keywords. With regards to communication, the chatting system is great and you will get instant notification when you receive messages from other Fiverr Users.

Another thing we keep an eye on is the average response time the seller will reply to  messages. Once you contact the seller you will be presented with this information as per screenshot below. This particular seller has an average response time of 1 hour which is quite goo

So if you want to start making money online with the help of professional users, then Fiverr will help you to achieve yours Goals. Just pay attention to your Budget, search for the best sellers based on rating and feedback and always contact the seller prior to buying the desired Gig.

Visit Fiverr to start your Online Journey.

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