How to Valuate a Domain Name

How to Valuate a Domain Name

Like everything in this physical world has a separate name, having a unique identity for websites is also essential. Irrespective of your business type and capacity, a good domain name is very important to create a strong online presence. But before selecting a domain name, you should know the real value of that particular domain. Here, we are going to discuss the different factors that are helpful to valuate a domain name, and also some online appraisal domain name tools through which you can determine its value.

Before moving forward, let me shortly explain what domain names actually are.  

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a website address that users use to access any particular website. It is used to find and identify websites on the internet. Every website has its unique domain name and cannot be shared with any other website.

Contributing Factors in the Value of a Domain Name:

There are different elements that make a domain valuable and successful. You should consider the following factors while assessing the value of a domain.

  1. Domain Extension:

Top-level domain (TLD) or domain extension is a key component in the valuation of a domain. There are plenty of TLDs are available. Some of them are .com, .co, .net, etc. Many new extensions are coming in the market, but people usually prefer to stick with the long-established ones. As .com is the most favorite and widely used extension on the web, so domains with this extension are generally more expensive than names with other TLDs.

  1. Age:

Old Domains that are active for a long time can rank better in search engines, and this thing makes them more valuable. A domain that exists for a long time have more chances to get indexed and ranked at higher places than any recently registered domain. But these types of domains are usually not for sale, and this makes them even more costly.

  1. Length:

Generally, the shorter domains are considered to be higher in prices. Just like any other name or word, shorter domain names are easy to remember and communicate. But the problem here is that most of the short domain names are already been registered, and it is hard to find the one in popular extensions i.e., .com.

  1. Keywords:

Adding the right keywords in your domain name is very critical for search engine optimization. It can make your website appear higher on search engine rankings. So having relevant and in-demand keywords increase the value of a domain name.

  1. Brandable:

Your domain should be eye-catching and clear, which can transform your domain name into a brand. Many prominent websites have unique and attention-grabbing domains like,,, etc. Therefore, a brandable domain name that is striking and matches with certain industry can be higher in value.

  1. Level Of Traffic:

If the domain is already being used for a website that is getting significant traffic, it increases the value of that particular domain name. As you are getting already associated traffic with the domain, so you will have to pay more for such types of domains.  

Domain Name Appraisal Services:

In addition to the above-mentioned determinants, there are various online appraisal tools available that are very easy to use and give you accurate information. You can use these tools to determine the value of your domain. Furthermore, these tools also provide you the necessary data to back up findings. The valuation you get by these appraisal domain name services may not be the actual value of your domain, but it gives you an estimated price of your domain.

EstiBot: is the most commonly used domain appraisal service that provides extensive information about the domain. To valuate a domain name, you just have to enter it in the search box and click on the search button. Then, you will get a report, which contains all the significant information, including the estimated value of a domain name. In addition to this, if you want to sell your domain, EstiBot also has its marketplace that can help you to find buyers.

Final Thoughts:

As we have discussed, a good domain name can make your web presence successful. Different factors can collectively value a domain name. You can use appraisal tools like to valuate a domain name. These factors and online tools help you to estimate the value of a domain, but the real value is what someone is willing to pay.

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